Monday, December 15, 2008

1 year and 20,000 stitches later...

Around the same time that I learned how to sew, I also taught myself how to knit. And I made this monstrosity of a scarf that took me one year to make! Who knew that 50 stitches actually makes about a 10 inch wide scarf? Oops. But a much more experienced knitter recently told me that on the label of most yarns it says how many stitches will make an inch. Good to know.

To teach myself how to knit, I found these great videos online on video jug. They teach you how to cast on (stitching the first row), the knit stitch, and then casting/binding off (finishing the scarf). I watched them over and over again until I had it down! There is also a website called Knitting Help, that has lots of videos and tutorials on knitting.

Check out these great videos if you'd like to teach yourself how to knit...

Knitting:How To Cast On

Knitting:How To Knit The Knit Stitch

Knitting:How To Cast Off


bitchcraftbrooklyn said...

It is beautiful! I hope that you get some good wear out of it!

My first knit scarf came out nearly a square because I also cast on way too many stitches.

My second one, made for my mom, was way too thin.

I loved the idea at the DBA Craft Fair of knit menswear ties...

Ameet said...

you know they say age, like a good cheese, makes a good scarf.

my chin has never felt so warm. thanks for the scarf!