Monday, January 5, 2009

My delayed hand-made Christmas present

My family was never much into buying presents for one another on holidays - so I just never gained any skills in knowing what to get for friends and family. Shopping for gifts gets me all nervous and frustrated.

This year, in an effort to avoid this frustration, Ameet and I decided to limit our gifts for each other to $20. My new sewing skills came in handy. Since he loves to cook, I made him this double sided apron, that I kinda just winged, and matching oven mits using a tutorial I found online. And he loved them!


Diana said...

Wow! The apron and oven mitts look great! You might have to change your blog title to something other than "novice"'re becoming quite the expert, Swati!

Ms. Jacob's 6th grade class said...

you guys have such creativity- way to follow what you love to do!!!!

Annie Wong said...

Wow, your creations look beautiful. Congrats on your new hobby!