Friday, August 21, 2009

Fabric Stores from San Francisco to Seattle

My husband Ameet and I just returned from an adventurous trip - we spent two weeks in San Francisco, and then took a road trip north along the Pacific Coast, through the Redwood forests, Crater Lake, Portland, and Seattle. This part of the country is so beautiful. We did lots of sight seeing, visited friends, and ate amazing food. In each town we went to, my husband would search for the best restaurants, farmers markets, and food co-ops...and I spent my time finding the best fabric stores. I know - such a fabric nerd!
In San Francisco, I absolutely loved Peapod Fabrics (pictured above), a tiny little shop in the Sunset. Check out the owner's blog - lots of great pictures and inspiration. I also spent some time exploring Stonemountain & Daughters in Berkeley, a huge fabric store with all types of fabrics and classes throughout the year.

We arrived a little late in Ashland, OR (home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival), and as we wandered around town, I was sad to find this very cute fabric store (Fabric of Vision) was closed for the day! But I peaked through the windows and it looked adorable inside.
In Portland, another fun shop I found was Bolt (above), which is conveniently located right next to a yarn store in the Alberta Arts District.

Our last stop was in Seattle, and I just a had a few minutes to stop by Stitches. If I return to Seattle, I'd also love to check out The Quilting Loft, which we drove by, but didn't get a chance to stop.


Diana said...

What a great trip, Swati! My folks, Tyler, and I are headed to Northern California next year and I can't wait to see the West Coast (never been). Looks like you found some fabulous fabric stores out there. Also, I just checked out Ameet's blog and website. What an amazing job he has! I had no idea that was what he did for a living. I'm a bit of a foodie myself so I'm very interested in the 'clean food' movement. I'm adding him to my GoogleReader, for sure. Hope you're doing well, Miss Newlywed!

Grace said...

Hello! I just finished reading an article about you in the August Homelife magazine. Just wanted to say HI and I am enjoying you blog. I am somewhat of a novice sewer too =)

Anonymous said...